The VFT Token

The VFarm (VFT) utility token is fully ERC20 compliant and is available for swap with BTC and ETH.

Base token price upon launch of crowdswap is set at USD$0.10.

Token Usage

Any usage of tokens envisaged by this White Paper will only be used in exchange for the products or services on the VFarm platfrom (subject to availability at the discretion of VFarm) and no other function or rights shall be attached to the tokens.

Intellectual Property

  • Brand name and domain
  • Source codes
  • Databases
  • Processes
  • Algorithm

Why Funding With The Token Crowdswap

Our objective for VFarm is to enable easy and fast access to produce and services while providing users with the power to create social impact through their choice of actions. VFarm also aims to create an equitable ecosystem for farmers that can be achieved by an output- based contribution. This cannot be done without utility crypto tokens and the blockchain.


The Hardcap for the VFarm ICO is USD$10 million.

Token Issuance

VFarm (VFT) tokens will be issued immediately at the end of each stage of crowdswap.

Distribution Of Issued Tokens

A total 375,000,000 VFARM (VFT) will be generated.

All tokens held by founders, project team and advisory panelist will be reverse vested over 12 months with monthly vesting windows.

Unswapped tokens at the end of the ICO period will be placed under reserve for ecosystem operations.


for BTC or ETH to fund the development & operations


will be held in reserve for ecosystem operations


will be held in reserve for future expansion


will be held by the founders and project team members


will be used for marketing


will be held by our ICO advisors


will be used for bounty during the ICO period


will be held by advisory panelists


will be utilized in social accountability program


A Pre-ICO stage will be conducted with a 30% bonus for a minimum swap of 10,000 tokens.

Usage Distribution

Of the USD$ 10 million that is attributed to this ICO exercise, the following is the usage distribution:

  • 40% of contributions will used for construction of the VFarm System in Kuala Lumpur.
  • 31.5% will be used for the Agro Traceability Blockchain development.
  • 11.5% will be used for IoT Systems R&D.
  • 8.5% will be used for Irrigation Systems R&D.
  • 8.5% will go towards site rental cost.

Token Sales Information

Public Sale Starts TBD
Public Sale Ends TBD
Total Token Supply 375,000,000
Token Symbol VFT
Hard Cap USD $10m
Base Token Price USD $0.10
Accepted ETH, BTC, XRP, LTC

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